Eyeway Publishing Begins Education Programme to Make Better Writers and Editors

A media and education company, Eyeway Publishing Limited, has announced the commencement of registration for its course meant for journalists, bloggers, public relations managers, business executives, speech writers, undergraduates and everyone else interested in advancing their career with writing skills.

The eLearn Writing Course will be run online for four weeks but may also be presented as a four-day intensive writing and editing workshop in desired places. “Through this education programme, we shall take participants through the rudiments of English grammar including sentence structure, pronunciation, tenses, correct uses of punctuation marks, house style, parts of speech as well as techniques for great writing,” the publishing firm says in a statement signed by executive editor Mr Aniebo Nwamu, a veteran editor and English teacher who writes the back page column of LEADERSHIP Sunday.

Eyeway Publishing invites interested participants to register by clicking on SUBSCRIBE in its promo on the website The alternative is to send an SMS (to +234-0903 564 0635) or email (to [email protected]) stating full name, phone no., email, workplace and country.

The course will be free for the first one week, the company says, promising that it will be highly rewarding and interactive. “In the end, they will be able to write clearer copy and become more proficient in editing,” Eyeway Publishing says. “Before long, we hope to develop a pool from which publishers can draw competent reporters, writers and subeditors that are in short supply today.”

Nwamu, 50, retired as the managing director of LEADERSHIP Editors Limited to co-found Eyeway Publishing last year. Over a 25-year period, he was on the staff of Newbreed, TheNews/Tempo, ThisDay, NewsPeace, Grill Nigeria Limited and LEADERSHIP. He has also taught English and communication in schools and at conferences in Nigeria and abroad.

Eyeway, the firm’s magazine, has both online and print versions.




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