About Us

Eyeway is published by Eyeway Publishing Limited, a media and education company situated in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. Its office address is: 26 Jos Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.

Eyeway is registered as an online newspaper at the National Library of Nigeria with ISSN: 2408-7149.

The education wing of the company comprises running of courses as well as e-book and print book publishing. It also offers writing and editing services — writing or editing of speeches, academic papers, newspaper articles and website content, among others.

Eyeway (online and print) aims to reinvent “New Journalism” by presenting not just the news but also probing into the past and foretelling the future. The traditional roles of the mass media – to inform, to educate and to entertain – are maintained, even as Eyeway offers a platform for the cross-fertilisation of ideas in a free world.

Eyeway.ng started as a digital paper on October 1, 2014, but its print version is designed to be published irregularly, starting from February 1, 2015.

Editor: Ekong Utip

Phone: +234-08055208950

Editor-in-Chief & CEO: Aniebo Nwamu

Phone: +234-08054100220