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Have you got an idea for a new book or do you want to republish an old book? Let’s be your assistant and motivator as you refocus your idea, write, edit and publish your e-book, print book or both. You can take your work to another publisher later, but let’s help you prepare a good product. That’s why we request that you discuss with us even before you start writing.

Is it an important speech, an academic paper, a PhD thesis, a newspaper article or website content that requires a professional writer or editor’s immediate attention? You can send an SMS to, or call, the phone number above right away; or email to the address above. A professional writer and editor will discuss with or contact you shortly.

Want a ghost-writer for your biography? Or you just want to submit the manuscript of your work (fiction or non-fiction)? We’ll be of much help. We handle publications in all genres.

Make your choice. But, please, don’t take the risk of doing it all alone: publishing your work unedited.