Business Opportunities for Trained Journalists, as Media Houses Fail

Title:      33 Businesses Thriving on Journalism Skills

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Newspapers and broadcast radio/TV stations are going bankrupt, unable to pay and therefore retrenching journalists in their employ. Not that the media owners are wicked. Because of the internet revolution and unfavourable business climate in many countries today, advertisements have dried up.

What must working journalists, other writers and trained communicators do in the midst of this gloom and doom? They should jump and not wait to be pushed, for the era of journalism as we know it is coming to an end.

In this book, the author, Mr Aniebo Nwamu, describes 33 viable businesses best done by people skilled in mass communication or the written and spoken word. Journalists have hidden talent but many don’t discover it. Ask a journalist what he intends to do if his media house collapsed and he would tell you “PR and marketing”. Yes, going into public relations, advertising or marketing is the natural haven for ex-journalists, but these three are not really what many think they are.

Besides, there are 30 other viable businesses that a skilled communicator can do with much love and happiness. The 33 businesses this book describes are not just run-of-the-mill opportunities open to journalists; they are profitable and one can do some of them with as little as $1, 000.

As a veteran who is neck-deep into business, the author confesses that he actually wrote this eBook while trying to solve his personal problem. And that’s why the pieces of advice he gives are invaluable to the ex-journalist going into entrepreneurship at this time. They are businesses he has done, he is doing or has sought validation from experts from every corner of the globe.

It simply is a must-read for every journalist – student, working, retiring or retired – as it is for anyone else interested in the business of mass communication in the digital age.

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