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Title: Better Communication: How to Write Clearly, Speak Fluently and Score Highly

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One of the pet projects Mr Aniebo Nwamu handled for after its birth was an online writing course, eLearn. “Become a better writer. Pass all exams with ease,” a promo for the course reads. It was the second wing of the mission of a platform that describes itself as a media and education company.

Eyeway Publishing, the company he co-founded in October 2014 on attaining age 50, coordinated the programme, but he and some world-class authorities on Mass Communication and the use of English language developed the course content. Through the six-week online programme, participants were taken through the rocky road to professional writing in the English language.

Nwamu has crystallized the essentials of eLearn and lots more into this book Better Communication: How to Write Clearly, Speak Fluently and Score Highly. By so doing he has satisfied the demands of many participants of the programme (now suspended) who wanted a book to aid them every day: students of Mass Communication and advanced learners of English, newspaper reporters and editors, blog writers and book authors, civil servants and business executives. Each participant wanted to improve their written and spoken English.

On reading this eBook, you feel confident and are entertained as interesting stories lead you to observe the several grammatical, punctuation, spelling, pronunciation and other errors that people commit every day.

There are valuable tips for prospective writers and broadcasters. As the author states, science students and professionals in non-language areas need lessons in communication even more than those in the liberal arts. Indeed, everyone desires communication skills because they not only enable one to pass examinations with ease, they can make the difference between life and death, and between success and failure in every endeavour.

Better Communication is a training manual for anyone interested in writing, public speaking and journalism. It is also a handmaid to everyone else: students, teachers, company executives, politicians, speechwriters, special assistants, public relations managers and statesmen. Editors are no less served. It will help the reader to master the rudiments of grammar, understand how to work for the media and learn the literary principles that make writing and speech glamorous.

Once you start reading it, you can’t put it down. That’s my assurance.

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