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Title:   Schools and Jobs of the Future: Some Thoughts on Career-Focused Education

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Why do young adults aspire to go to university even with the prevalence of graduate unemployment? Are they going to learn useful skills or just to acquire a certificate to prove they’re learned?

Well, the author of this book, Mr Aniebo Nwamu, has both good news and bad news: Certificates are little more than meal tickets.  A new order will inevitably replace the current decadent education system; and the revolution is just starting.

The two sentences this book opens with are unnerving: “An education that cannot enable one to eat well and live well is worthless. An education that can’t ensure good governance in a nation, prevent crimes, guarantee world peace or contribute to technological progress is worthless as well.”

Schools and Jobs of the Future creates a new schools system starting from basic to higher education “where learning is fun and on the job”. It’s an analysis of what he and other global authorities have prescribed as the way out of a failed system, and the “jobs looking for workers” in the 21st century. The jobs that will soon be needed are many, but few people have yet to identify the opportunities and the qualifications required for them.

What’s the purpose of education? Why go to university? What do you [or your child] want to study? And why? The important questions are answered here. The old universities will surely give way to new universities that will be more trusted to lead to profitable and fulfilling jobs.

Mr Nwamu is gifted with correctly foretelling the future – that’s why some readers call him “The Oracle”. He displays his clairvoyance skills with accurate analyses and data in this ebook.

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