Eyeway Is Restructuring

We started as an online news and magazine publisher in 2014. Since then, we’ve diversified into other services: writing and editing, training workshops, and now book publishing. We’ve designed a new logo [pictured] and our pages are now easier to browse.

A look at our services from Quarter 2 of 2020…


Fast writing and editing services are offered here. Have you got an idea for a new book or do you want to republish an old book? Want to submit the manuscript of your work (fiction or non-fiction)? We handle publications in all genres.

Let’s be your assistant and motivator as you refocus your idea, write, edit and publish your e-book, print book, audio book or video book. You can take your work to another publisher (printer?) later, but let’s help you prepare a good product. That’s why we request that you discuss with us even before you start writing. Editing makes all the difference in great works.

Want a ghost-writer for your biography? Is it an important speech, an academic paper, a PhD thesis, a newspaper article or website content that requires a professional writer or editor’s immediate attention? We’ll be of much help.

Make your choice. But, please, don’t take the risk of doing it all alone: publishing your work unedited.


Publishing means more than just printing. It entails great writing, careful editing, creative formatting, and intensive marketing and distribution. We have experts in each of these, as we publish great books as well. Although we specialise in general-interest books, we’re accustomed to educational books especially those needed at tertiary schools. Every student and every graduate needs to be grounded in communication skills. Entrepreneurship Studies, for instance, is compulsory in all of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. We have the curricula prescribed by regulatory bodies. Send us the manuscripts of biographies, novels, academic books, journals or works in other genres.


 We organise training workshops for content managers – journalists, writers, PR executives, secretaries, CEOs, public servants – as well as for undergraduates, graduates and everyone else interested in skilled communication.

Through a face-to-face workshop, participants are taken through the rocky road to professional writing in the English language. We teach everything from grammar and spelling to punctuation and pronunciation. And we have lessons in speech writing, journalism, public relations, publishing, marketing and lots more. In the end, the participants start writing and speaking differently. It’s a game-changer from the masters!

We started the online version in 2015, but we soon discovered it pays better to train many people at the same time. To assemble a reasonable number of participants under one roof, therefore, we now run the course offline every quarter in Abuja. But, on invitation, we run it exclusively for the employees of specific organisations located anywhere in Nigeria.


For inquiry about any of the above services, do any of these:

  • send an SMS to +234-08032621932 or +234-8054100220
  • email to: [email protected]   
  • click the promo atop this page; you’ll be linked to this information

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