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This is a book that comes with a promise: the reader is sure to become a better writer and editor, discover opportunities in the digital age, score higher marks in examinations, improve their marketing skills, and maximise their potential in the workplace. Students of mass communication and indeed everyone interested in good writing and good speech have a companion in this book. Editors are no less served. It helps the reader to master the rudiments of grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, the tools of the writing trade, journalism and the literary principles that make writing and speech glamorous. This is a training manual for everyone: students, teachers, company executives, politicians, speechwriters, special assistants, public relations managers and statesmen.

Dedicated to “all writers and editors who keep honing their craft and seeking to earn an income from their work”, Skilled Writing & Editing: Career Opportunities for Communicators in the Era of Digitisation and Recession offers lifelong skills that can make the difference between success and failure, life and death in every endeavour.

Part III is specially made for the reader: As media companies collapse or retrench workers, there are scores of businesses, besides journalism, available to those who can write and speak well. “Entrepreneurial journalism” might well have become the “New Journalism”. It teaches how one could communicate effectively and earn money through the written and spoken word.

This book has been published and is now on sale as an ebook on this site. Click to BUY NOW. Printed copies are also available in bookstores.

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