150 Kids Win Zenith Bank’s Scholarship

MAY 27 – Children’s Day 2016 holds great promise for children whose parents/guardians have opened accounts for them at the ZECA (Zenith Children’s Account): No fewer than 150 of them will win scholarships on Friday, May 27.

The ZECA is in two categories – one for children of 12 years and younger, the other for teens (age 13—17).

On its website, the bank advises parents to seize the opportunity offered by ZECA “as your child could be one of over 150 children to benefit from the 2016 ZECA scholarships on May 27th, 2016”.

It explains: “The Zenith Bank Children’s Account is a unique savings account designed to allow parents save for their children’s future and teach them about savings from a tender age.
The account is modelled in two tiers for young children and teens with an overarching objective of making savings fun for them and teaching them financial discipline.”

Features of the account include: zero opening balance, competitive interest rates, invitation to the annual Zenith Children’s Parade, as well as lodgements of cheques, drafts and dividends. ZECA for teens has the added advantage of letting them use a Naira MasterCard (a prepaid card issued upon parent’s request) so they could start learning to manage money responsibly.
The account could be opened in any Zenith Bank branch.


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