Tanko Ayuba Succumbs to ‘Terminal Disease’

Major-General Abubakar Tanko Ayuba (retired) had been bedridden for many months, the last two at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. When he died yesterday, his family did not disclose the illness that killed him. Other sources, however, told Eyeway he had a terminal disease.  In Nigeria, “terminal disease” usually refers to cancer.

Gen. Ayuba was Nigeria’s minister of communications (1985—87), military governor of Kaduna State (1990—92), and the senator representing Kebbi South (2007—2011).

Until his death this Wednesday at LUTH, he was a member of the APC.

He left behind a wife and children. His daughter, Rakiya Ayuba, is now commissioner of justice in Kebbi State.

Official records indicate he was born on December 6, 1945. The actual age could be +5—9 years.


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