Do God’s Prophet No Harm!

Since he delivered a God-inspired message at the end of 2014, charismatic Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has been receiving death threats from the devils to whom Holy Ghost fire had been directed. It is not unexpected in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah – the land of iniquity that Nigeria has become. Good people, decent people and outspoken preachers are constantly under threats of attack from evildoers.

The man of God did not, however, say anything new. Nor was he bribed – even the hired murderers know it is impossible – to campaign for any political candidate. He simply delivered a message that was the inspired word of God, as he always does.

Back in 2002, the same Fr. Mbaka railed against the government of Chimaroke Nnamani in his home state Enugu. Armed thugs soon after invaded his prayer ground and killed several worshippers. God shielded him from the attackers who were sent to kill him. The hoodlums went on to rig the 2003 elections in the state in favour of a certain party, despite the priest’s opposition and the electorate’s will. But what has happened? Most of the thugs are today dead or insane and the godfather has become a nervous wreck, pauperised by providence and hounded on all sides by agents of the law. They have learned too late that God cannot be mocked – the same God that warns evildoers to, “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.”

Any political thug who attempts to harm Fr. Mbaka this time round will certainly suffer the fate of those that attacked him in 2002. And they cannot even succeed in reaching his soul, just as the assailants of 2002 could not. God still directs the affairs of mankind.

We applaud the man of God from the east of River Niger for always speaking truth to power. It is up to evil people to repent or perish in hellfire. Certainly, the wind of change is blowing, and no trap can catch the wind.

Fr. Mbaka, like all impartial observers of the Nigerian situation, owes no allegiance to Nigeria’s political parties, PDP or APC. After May 29, President Goodluck Jonathan should quietly relocate to Otuoke and leave governance to the strong-hearted.

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