End of Low-key Abuja National Carnival

The 10th edition of the Abuja National Carnival, which was expected to bring together no fewer than 20 states to show their rich cultural heritage, ends on Nov. 27. Only six states took part in the fiesta.

But owing to the security situation in the country and persisting fears of Ebola, foreigners were not invited.

The artistic director of the carnival, Mr Biodun Abe, said the theme of the 2014 edition is “Building and Endearing a Creative Nation”.

“With increase in the number of participatants nd scaling up of the events each year, the carnival has no doubt come to reflect our unity in diversity, building bridges and enhancing friendship through the unique display of our heritage,” Abe stated on Nov. 18. “Abuja National Carnival has become a huge tourism product not only attracting international patronage but also helping to boost the economy of the informal sector and the hospitality industry of the Federal Capital Territory.”

The pay-off of the 2014 carnival is “…the last time you saw a carnival”.

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