Again they are shamed. A three-man panel of Appeal Court judges sitting in Abuja Wednesday, March 7, unanimously quashed the black market judgement of a federal high court procured by proxy for the Enugu State PDP through its usual tactics. The Enugu leadership is notorious for frittering the resources of our people and sponsoring moles who create, orchestrate and foster artificial crises within the APC family. All the efforts are aimed at denying Ndi Enugu the electoral opportunity and democratic privilege of having on the ballot a very strong APC opponent and superior leadership alternative.

Even as we were busy at the Appeal Court sorting out the minor irritation and distraction caused the party by the kangaroo judgement of the federal high court, the leadership of the PDP and their agents, rattled by the very scary prospect of going into the governorship election to face a more popular APC candidate, Senator Ayogu Eze, were busy and, true to their nature, plotting and perfecting their rigging plans with the INEC resident electoral commissioner who has evidently been compromised. The REC, settled by the government of settlement in the Lion Building, has thrown caution to the winds to fraternize with the PDP leadership to an incredible point where campaign souvenirs of the party are freely driven into the INEC premises.

There is no gainsaying that the Enugu State PDP has been the undisputed rigging champions for two uninterrupted decades, consequently giving the false impression that the state belongs to the party. As we doff our caps for them for that feat, we promise them a bad market this time as our people are determined now, more than ever before, to guard and protect their votes with every ounce of their lives. This determination is coming at this time because the state has never been this badly governed: for four years, nothing to show but the proliferation of praise singers, near-institutionalization of joblessness, elevation of sycophancy to state policy, and wastage of the state resources on servicing these anomalies. Enugu State and its people can also say to gross incompetence laced in toll-taking deceptions, “Enough is Enough!” And this is what the coming election is all about.

On the Appeal Court verdict, we congratulate all our party members and the people of the state who have kept the faith with our efforts at sacking the most unprepared, incompetent and wasteful regime in the leadership history of the state. Our people have remained steadfast in the face of the absurdities scripted to confuse a people already determined to embrace change by a cunny governor who, aside those mouthed and photoshoped by his propaganda recruits, cannot lay claim to any tangible legacy project initiated or completed by his government after four years in office but still harbours a desperate desire to have another four years to squander and to plunder. Ndi Enugu would borrow from the resolve and voice of Kwarans who rose against a perennial political manipulation of their people by a self-perpetuating dynasty: “O te ge !”

As the matter of the authentic governorship candidate of APC in the state is finally laid to rest, we are calling on INEC to, in keeping with the law, immediately announce a new date for the governorship election in Enugu State to enable a level-playing field for all candidates, since the Appeal Court resolution came barely 48 hours to the election, with our candidate’s name curiously omitted from the INEC final list of governorship candidates. It is also to enable INEC effectively address the regrettable issue of the unholy compromise between the state’s evidently partisan REC and the PDP who are already gifted with access to INEC sensitive materials including results sheets.

It’s a new dawn. The traps and machinations of mischievous enemies of competitive democracy shall not prevail over the will of the people which is sacrosanct, especially their resolve to birth change through distinguished Senator Ayogu Eze.

May God bless the good people of Enugu State.

Ezirigwe is the chief campaign spokesperson of the Sen. Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisation


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