President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria appears so sick that he can no longer perform his duties. Many are praying for his recovery. But many are afraid too.

For the third time, the president couldn’t attend the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting today, rasing suspicion that a cabal had been misinforming Nigerians on the true state of the president’s health.

Only on Tuesday evening, two people who were formerly not keen on commenting on Buhari’s health claimed that they briefed the president. Attorney-general of the federation Malami and NNPC’s GMD Maikanti broke the news. Then, the wife of the president, Aisha, who had been quiet all this while, suddenly took to her Twitter handle to announce that her husband was not as sick as many feared. A day before, three former heads of state — Obasanjo, Babangida and Abdulsalami — met in Minna over, sources said, “buhari’s health situation”.

It is suspected that a cabal s covering up something. But for how long will it do so? Perhaps so long as Buhari is indisposed but not dead.

The cabal, likely, fears that, if the president is declared incapacitated, power may move into the hands of Vice President Osinbajo as provided in the country’s constitution.

Nigeria has been the loser. Nobody seems in charge of the country’s administration. The economy is dying, and not much is happening in any sector. There is hunger. And anguish everywhere.


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