Doctor Commits Suicide in Lagos

A doctor this Sunday asked the driver of his Nissan SUV to stop on Third Mainland Bridge, at the Apongbon area, Lagos, Nigeria, and then jumped into the lagoon.

Details of the suicide are still emerging. Some news platforms gave the victim’s name as Dr Allwell Orji. The police have taken his driver into custody.

The rate of suicide cases in Nigeria has risen in recent times. Someone’s column today is on suicide.

UPDATE: After 48 hours of search for the body of the doctor by the Lagos marine police, a body was recovered Tuesday afternoon. But the doctor’s mother who was called to identify the corpse said it wasn’t her son’s. The identity of the corpse is not known.

Many wonder if other people had been drowning in the lagoon unnoticed. Answer: Likely.

UPDATE2: Dr Orji’s body has just been recovered from the lagoon.



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