Why Kidnapping for Ransom Still Thrives

GSM operators and panicky Nigerians still make kidnapping for ransom a lucrative “business” for criminals.

Prominent Nigerians kidnapped in the last few days regained their freedom only after their family members parted with huge sums, Eyeway can reveal. In each case, the hoodlums contacted rheir victims’ families via cell phones that are supposedly registered.

The wife of the Central bank of Nigeria governor, Margaret Emefiele, was abducted and released within 24 hours. Although some of the criminals were said to have been arrested, the main culprit holding the money paid is still on the run.

This Monday, Mrs Laurentia Mallam and her husband Pius were abducted on the Abuja-Kaduna expressway. They were released Wednesday after a ransom was paid.

Catholic bishops in Nigeria have directed that nobody should pay a dime as ransom for any priest kidnapped.

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