Jimmy Carter: I’m Free of Cancer

The 39th president of the United States, Mr Jimmy Carter, has announced the successful expulsion of cancer cells from his brain after a cocktail of radiation therapy administered on him.

Mr Carter, 91, in August this year, said he had been diagnosed with traces of cancer in his brain and liver, but assured he was ready to take whatever would happen. His mother and siblings died of cancer at younger ages.

Carter broke the good piece of news yesterday while conducting his Sunday school class at Maranatha Baptist church in his hometown of Plains in Georgia.

In August, the former president and 2002 Noble Peace Prize winner announced that his doctors had found four small cancerous lumps in his brain. He commenced radiation treatment immediately and was administered a recently approved drug to boost his immune system.

His family members said he had his last scan recently and that doctors said the tumours had all disappeared, thanks to the new treatment and medication.


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