Eyeway Born to See Beyond the Present

ONE YEAR AGO — is like the biological child of an experienced gynaecologist. While the baby was in the womb, its mother had to take the medicines she had been prescribing for other expectant mothers for many long years.  CEO Aniebo Nwamu actually planned to celebrate his 50th birthday on this site, after a quarter-century of journalism.

And the dream came true, five days to his 50th birth anniversary and just as he was retiring from LEADERSHIP Newspapers Group as a managing director.

Internet freaks informed our decision to publish online first – four months before the maiden print edition. They even influenced the choice of the name Eyeway, for the way of the eye is always straight and direct; its path is never crooked – it is like that of light. While the news may be easily reached these days, important information that ought to guide policymakers, technocrats and CEOs in decision-making has become scarcer.

It is the wisdom that produced Nostradamus, Galileo Galilei and several other scientists and prophets of old who saw the need to see beyond the present. In Nigeria, birthplace of this magazine, there have been leaders with foresight too: Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Tony Enahoro, Bala Usman, Chinua Achebe, Aminu Kano,Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi. They lived ahead of their time.

But the only good Nigerian is not one dead! Many visionaries are still alive, but we shall not mention their names yet, especially as they constitute our major sources.

Eyeway set out to arrest “poor reading culture” with engaging prose, without sacrificing balance, fairness and objectivity. We have set out to tell both the future and the past, not what is now known as hit-and-run journalism. Readers will be reading the news even before it breaks. This foretaste of the future and reminder of the past are savoured in business, politics, entertainment, fashion and sport.

As hundreds of thousands of readers who have already got on the highway with since October 1, 2014, the day we started publishing online, can testify, Eyeway has no intention to embellish the truth. Its very first editorial promised, “This eye shall no longer blink. Eyeway has opened its doors; they will not be shut henceforth.”

They have not been shut. They will never be shut. Toast to the growth and prosperity of!

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