The Buhari Economy Unravelling

I work as an editorial consultant, but, at times, some clients mistake my job for that of a business consultant. Citing the several predictions I had made that turned out correct, they call to ask for my views on certain business decisions. I accept the compliments, even though I feel like one National Honours awardee who said he had received the MON without the -EY.

One recurring question in recent times concerns the future of business during the Muhammadu Buhari presidency. Traders are not selling. Landlords are not collecting house rents. Many don’t know where to get school fees next month. Everywhere is “dry”. The situation is worse for us consultants; we are the first to be hit during a recession.

I have always known that things would be like this. Most of us rooting for Buhari were adults between 1984 and 1985 when he first came on the national stage as military head of state. Just like now, he came on a rescue mission. That’s why the situation now is similar to the situation in 1984.

Money is not flowing because treasury looters are being watched, even as loopholes are being plugged. There is no oil money to be looted and spent recklessly anymore. Ghost workers are facing extinction. Drug dealers and 419 fraudsters are in retreat. Banks are wrestling with their debtors. Over-inflated contracts are not being awarded. That is the Buhari economy unravelling.

Businesses that will do well under this climate are those done with sincerity. And genuine businesses, as we know, don’t yield millions or billions overnight. Money made by genuine means takes time to come.

It’s a pity many have yet to face the new reality. But the party is over. Manna will no longer fall from heaven, because there is no free lunch in America or any other well-run economy. Thus says your consultant!

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