Subscribers for eLearn Writing Course, an online writing and editing programme offered by Eyeway Publishing Limited, will start receiving lessons before the end of May 2015.

The promo for eLearn has been running since March, but lessons have waited until the conclusion of Nigeria’s general elections. It’s a writing school on the web, though it will be interactive.

You can become a better writer and a better editor. Not just you. School work is no longer enough to groom your adult children or spouse. They need to master the rudiments of English grammar, punctuation and style. They need to acquire the various writing techniques to advance their careers. Better writers score much higher marks in WASC, degree, job or promotion exams simply because they communicate better.

Teachers, business executives and even politicians know, as we do, that good writing skills can prepare one for leadership in whatever calling. That’s why, at eLearn, we prepare journalists and other writers – writers of drama scripts, proposals, reports, speeches, memos, web content, books – to become better writers and better editors.

eLearn Writing Course is affordable and rewarding. After four or six weeks, you and they will start writing and speaking differently. It’s a promise we must keep.

3 ways to register:

  1. Click on SUBSCRIBE for free registration (in the promo above or right) on this site.
  2. Send SMS to +234-09035640635 stating your name, phone no., email, category and country
  3. Send email to [email protected] stating your name, phone no., email, category and country

 Other courses in life skills are being designed too.



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