Tips for Safety During Nigeria Polls

Tension really came down across the length and breadth of Nigeria with the postponement of the Nigeria polls by six weeks in February. Many that had travelled to their home towns have since returned to the cities. They may take off again before March 28. Others have not returned since after the postponement, for the reason that they will vote in their home states. Foreigners have been leaving the country in droves.

Whichever way the election goes – whether Buhari wins or Jonathan wins – there may be skirmishes here and there, though the armed forces have been prepared to deal with troublemakers during and after the polls.

It’s still better for one to err on the side of safety. We repeat the tips we had provided in the last print edition of Eyeway:

For those who will choose to stay in the FCT and regions other than their own, here are a few tips:

* Do not engage anyone in a conversation centred on politics be­fore or after the polls.

* If you must vote, do so se­cretly

* As an ad-hoc staff, make sure that only valid votes are counted; if approached to inflate the figures, do the needful – Nigerians are known to be wise and smart

* Gather and share intelligence from your area

* As a group, discuss with se­curity operatives or vigilante in ad­vance of Polling Day on ways to de­fend you in case of trouble

* Be extra-vigilant a day or two after the election during which results will be announced

*. Don’t wait for the first sign of trouble before making arrangements for relocating to army barracks, po­lice barracks, churches and palaces.

* Men living in less secure are­as should, first, send their wives and children to safer areas, and then arm themselves with any weapon with which to defend themselves, should the need arise.


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