Prophet TB Joshua, who could not foresee the collapse of his own building in September 2014, on Sunday prophesied there may be a plane crash in Nigeria between March 19 and 23.

The proprietor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos spoke during his usual crusade broadcast via satellite television to his flock around the world.

“Pray for Nigeria because I’m seeing a plane crash,” he said. “It is not a good thing to lose personalities again.” Prayers against the crash should be offered between March 19 and 23, he stated.

Air travellers should not be perturbed, however. Only the increase in air fares caused by the dwindling value of the naira should worry them.

Nearly 120 people, most of them South Africans, were buried in the rubble of a building at the Synagogue premises in September. Joshua still believes it was an “attack”, even as the Lagos State government’s probe of the disaster found a different cause.

Only gullible people would listen to Joshua’s prophecy of an impending plane crash in Nigeria. A true prophet would state the exact time and place the crash would happen.

If the prophecy turns out to be false, he will certainly say that the prayers he requested warded off a plane crash.


  1. You should do your research. TB Joshua did prophesied about what happened at the Synagogue, so your article makes no sense. More TB Joshua prophecies have come to pass than you can count, so anyone would be a fool to ignore any of his prophetic declarations. Also, it is not a requirement for biblical prophecy to give an exact time and date.


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