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EYEWAY PUBLISHING LIMITED will, next week, announce the commencement of its education programme “eLearn“.

Eyeway eLearn courses will be run online, but they will be interactive: participants will do exercises, send questions and get feedback almost immediately. The programme will, in certain cases, include one-day seminars where participants will meet their instructors face to face and ask further questions.

The company is starting the education segment of its mission (the first, of course, is magazine publishing) with a course in writing aimed at making better writers and editors. All learners of the English language (including undergraduates) as well as public servants and business executives will find the course valuable.

Eyeway eLearn Writing Course will be coordinated in Nigeria, but instructors will be drawn from all corners of the globe where the English language is a medium of expression.

More insights will be given at the unveiling of the programme next week. For the moment, modalities for the course are being designed [see the promo ad, near the Eyeway nameplate above], and actual lectures are expected to commence after Nigeria’s general elections. However, participants will be invited to subscribe for the programme from next week.


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