2015: Worrying Prophecy from Enugu

A 64-year-old resident of Enugu who describes himself as a prophet, Mr Anthony Nwoko, has made a worrying prediction: Neither President Goodluck Jonathan nor Gen. Muhammadu Buhari will rule Nigeria after May 2015.

He did not state what would happen, even though the general elections are expected next month.

Those who worry about the “prophecy” say Mr Nwoko had correctly predicted Babangida’s ouster in 1993. He had also said that Abacha would leave power in 1998 “in a mysterious way”, warned Abdulsalami not to hand over to Obasanjo, warned Obasanjo not to anoint Yar’Adua, and foretold that Jonathan’s regime would be lacklustre.

Interpreters of the new “prophecy” from Enugu say, for it to come true, the elections may be postponed and an interim government to be headed by a new leader may emerge. The current government expires on May 29.

Nwoko, who lives in Enugu, said he had not set foot on his hometown Umuahia, Abia State, since the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war.

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