Finally, CBN Admits It’s in Possession of the eNaira Trademark

As cited by Odilim Enwegbara in what is referred to as the “Defendant’s Amended Statement of Defence and Counterclaim” filed on December 8, 2023, in Suit No FCT/ABJ/CS/113/2021 between ENaira Payment Solutions Limited and the Central Bank of Nigeria, on page 6, No. 13, CBN, represented by D.D. Dodo & Co., stated:

“The Defendant/Counter Claimant… is the bona fide Registered Proprietor of the Trademark ‘ENaira.’ A copy of the Certificate of Registration of the Trademark in favor of Defendant is hereby pleaded and shall be relied upon at trial.”

This recent acknowledgment by the CBN that it possesses the eNaira trademark contradicts CBN’s earlier denial, where it continously claimed that eNaira is a national asset and not registrable by anyone, including CBN.

— By Basil Enwegbara

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