History Returns to Nigerian Schools

History as a subject has, after at least 25 years, been restored to Nigerian schools, the outcome of sustained attacks on the authorities in recent years.

Sonny Echono, a permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, announced on Friday that the federal government has directed all primary and secondary schools in the country to resume the teaching of History as a standalone subject.

According to Echono, the directive has been given and it is automatic that all the schools would implement the directive simultaneously.

“By the next academic calendar, History will be taught as a standalone subject,” Echono said.

“It is with immediate implementation. So, definitely for the next academic year everybody will fall in line because we’ve already articulated the curriculum and the examination should be done along those lines.”

The popular view in Nigeria is that those who have destroyed Nigeria abolished the study of History in order to keep the younger generations in the dark about their leaders’ crimes.

Likely, many schools will ignore the latest directive. The content of the curriculum may also turn controversial: Which historical account of Nigeria will be accepted as the truth? Official statements are almost always embellished.

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