Writing Workshop for Content Managers

Individuals and companies should worry about typos, clarity and lots more

It’s not only professional writers and journalists that worry about writing/speaking correct English. External memos, reports, press releases, posts on the social media and other website content help to shape the image of an organisation in the eyes of its corporate publics. And that’s why credible organisations are mindful of the quality of what they publish. Getting the right workers to police internal and external communication is no longer easy.

Are you, for instance, proud of the words on your company’s website, and in its newspaper advertisements and external memos? Do you like what you read or hear from news reporters, presenters, actors/actresses, and guests on your TV and radio programmes?

These days, school work is no longer enough to prepare one to write well.  Yet, good writing skills can prepare one for leadership in any calling. And better writers still score much higher marks in their WASC, degree, job or promotion exams.

This media and education company runs a two-week writing and editing course for those who consider communication skills important. The course content has been developed by world-class authorities drawn from all corners of the globe. Eyeway coordinates the programme from Nigeria.

The Eyeway writing course has arisen from popular demand – from journalists, blog writers and book authors who wrestle with grammar and punctuation every day; from CEOs and public servants desirous of writing winning memos, proposals, statements and reports; and from undergraduates, graduates and general learners who lose marks or jobs due to poor communication in their class work, external exams and job interviews.

We started the online version in 2015, but we soon discovered it pays better to train many people at the same time. To assemble a reasonable number of participants under one roof, therefore, we now run the course offline every quarter in Abuja. But, on invitation, we run it exclusively for the employees of specific organisations located anywhere in Nigeria.

Through a face-to-face workshop, participants are taken through the rocky road to professional writing in the English language. In the end, they inevitably start writing and speaking differently. It’s a game-changer from the masters!

To get started, simply do one of these:

  • send “Yes, writing workshop” by SMS to +234-08032621932 or 08054100220
  • send “I’m interested in your writing workshop” by email to [email protected]   
  • click the promo atop this page, for fast writing or editing of your book, speech or article

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