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To read the synopsis of each on the platform, follow any of the links below. But here is a short-cut:

  1. Do you seek to become a better writer and a better speaker? There is an easy way to excel in writing or speech, and pass all your exams with ease: proficiency in the use of English; communication skills. The answers you seek are here: Better Communication: How to Write Clearly, Speak Fluently and Score Highly. Science students and professionals in non-language areas need lessons in communication even more than those in the liberal arts. It’s everybody’s business.
  2. The future of higher education is unfolding, but many eyes are not yet open to see it! Are you studying to obtain a worthless certificate or to obtain skills necessary for changing your life for good? You or your child should have an aim before patronizing a failed education system. Come and see the future here: Schools and Jobs of the Future: Some Thoughts on Career-Focused Education.
  3. Do you seek career change – from journalism to business? Even as media houses are collapsing and “citizen journalists” are emerging daily from the social media, why do many still study Mass Communication or aspire to be paid journalists? And after retiring from journalism, what next? Journalism skills can lead one throughout life. But many trained communicators have hidden talent they fail to harvest. Here is a book made by a veteran who has seen it all: 33 Businesses Thriving on Journalism Skills. These are viable businesses that a skilled communicator, with little capital, can do with much love and happiness. In the era of failing media business, entrepreneurship is the way to go.

*You can easily download one or all on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad or other devices at the touch of a button. And you can pay [about $3] using a smartcard, credit card or any other accepted by the online retailer.

*If you can’t add to cart from Amazon Kindle [because you live in a place like Nigeria where the Amazon app is not yet available], please wait. Soon, each eBook will also be published on and some other online retailers’ platforms. Watch for an announcement on this site, and don’t forget to…

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