5 Ideas for Growing Your Digital Publishing Revenue

Sponsored by: BlueToad
Speakers: Ryan Dohrn, Founder, Brain Swell Media and Paul DeHart, Co-owner and CEO, BlueToad, Inc.

Are you wondering where to focus your money and energy to spur growth for the future? There are a slew of new technologies out there that promise new revenue to publishers. But if publishers cannot fundamentally change how they do business, they will not be able to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Ryan Dohrn is a 25-year media sales expert who helps publishers transition to more digitally focused revenue models. In this webinar Dohrn will focus on 5 fundamental strategies you need to embrace if you hope to succeed in the digital future of publishing. His advice will be tactical, practical, and immediately applicable.

Register for this webinar to learn:
• How to drive greater revenue from digital ads
• Strategies to monetize readers across a variety of devices
• Alternative revenue models to traditional display ads, such as native advertising and ecommerce
• Change management strategies that will help your staff embrace new roles and processes

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