Armed Bandits Kill 3 Policemen near Karmo, Abuja

At the Idu checkpoint, near Karmo, policemen on routine duty flagged down an unmarked Hilux van. Two of the hoodlums in the van wound down the van’s glasses and immediately opened fire on three policemen, killing them instantly. A fourth policemen hid in a container. A commercial motorcyclist was hit by bullets also.

The bandits struck just before 10am on Tuesday, Dec. 27. They were said to have taken a “bush road” that leads to an expressway linking the Abuja airport.

The security situation along the Karmo–DeiDei old road in AMAC, FCT Abuja, has been awful in recent times. Although there are a few checkpoints on the dilapidated road, many of the agents are often more interested  in extorting bribes from motorists.

Many armed robbers reportedly live in the slums of Karmo, Tasha, Gwagwa, Jiwa, Zaudan and Dei-Dei. Most residents of that axis are poor, but they are constantly at the mercy of robbers.

The murders happened on a day Abuja residents were alerted to the presence of record numbers of fleeing terrorists in the capital city. A terrorists arrested at Jabi confessed to AMAC security men that after they were dislodged from Sambisa Forest last week, many headed for Abuja and were plotting mayhem in the city.

Were the killers of the policemen among the terrorists?

Although many people witnessed the murders at Idu, other media platforms have not reported it. Only Eyeway has.

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