Tension as Gunman Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey

Turkey is in trouble. For Russia hardly forgives. How would the country explain the shooting and killing of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov on Monday at an art gallery in Ankara?

Spokesperson of the Russian foreign ministry Maria Zakharova said the attack was “an act of terrorism”.

The Turkish press reported that the gunman, whose identity was yet to be revealed, was killed after he had shot Ambassador Karlov, who had been delivering a speech. Three bystanders were wounded in the attack.

The assailant was wearing a suit and tie and shouted “Allahu Akbar” before firing his gun at the ambassador, according to the Associated Press.

Turkey and Russia are not the best of friends because of the war in Syria. Turkey opposes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Russia supports him.

Russia is a “no-go” area for terrorists because it tends to retaliate in a big way. The killing of its ambassador in Turkey is one act of provocation too many. That is what is causing tension around the world.

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