The president-elect of the United States, Mr Donald Joseph Trump, has been named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year 2016.

But the cover bears a subtitle describing Trump as “The President-elect of the Divided States of America”.

In an introduction by Nancy Gibbs, the 93-year-old newsmagazine’s  editor, Trump’s selection for Man of the year is  cited as the magazine’s 90th, and “for better or for worse” as the magazine’s tradition demanded.

Other contenders for the status included his opponent in the Nov. 8 election, Mrs Hillary Clinton, and President Putin of Russia.

TIME introduced Man of the Year in the 1920s at a time of story drought. Since the 1990s, “Man” has been replaced by “Person”, apparently to take care of the female gender.

Many magazines and newspapers have followed in TIME’s footsteps of dedicating a cover to their “Person of the Year” every December or early January.


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