Former media adviser to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reuben Abati, wrote a piece where he claimed that there are either some evil spirits or demons hovering around the Presidential Villa. But unknown to himself, it’s some electromagnetic fences the CIA used on every occupant of the expansive Villa, starting with its first official occupant, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.

I am now compelled to let the cat out of the bag, so that this story of evil spirit is not allowed to gain some truism and believability. Rather than some so-called evil spirits, it’s electromagnetic fences that discharge miraculous microwaves that turned the Presidential Villa into what it is today: a kind of psychiatric warehouse.

The CIA has since built what’s known as electromagnetic fences around Nigeria’s Presidential Villa and by beaming the “right” electromagnetic microwaves on those living and working there, with particular emphasis on one or more persons of critical interest, they are able to change their behavioural patterns by blocking specific brain circuits with the goal of creating those neurological discharges that lead to anti-masses and anti-patriotism and anti-development personality behaviours.  

The electromagnetic microwaves being discharged particularly at night include those microwaves that fence our leaders in a way that make them completely blissful.

The first humans to be electromagnetically fenced with these microwave discharges to make them very blissful were some powerful African Americans. These were men and women the CIA feared that without being made blissful in their social behaviours, they could have reorganised the black people with more potential for social revolutionary surprises, possibly bigger than the one Martin Luther King,Jr, organized in the 1960s.

Another is religion, which the CIA has turned into a powerful propaganda machine. Little wonder the CIA finances most churches which it uses to condition and control hundreds of millions of minds mostly in developing countries. As Patrick Henry rightly stated, “It is natural for man to indulge in the illusion of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against (the) truth.”

But to confirm some of these strategies of systematic mind altering and systematic mass control, several confessions have been made by some members of this fascist organisation, excluding the mind-boggling technologies used to inflict some strange psychiatric disorders that help the CIA manipulations and control.

One of these confessions was made by one of America’s most ferocious fascists, former CIA director of plans Richard Bissell who said, ”The CIA’s interface with the rest of the world needs to be better promoted through our friends in foreign governments….We need repression if we hope to divide these societies into owners and slaves. We need to put the people under continual duress and in a perpetual state of imbalance, so that, confused and demoralised, apathy on a mass scale will result.”

Therefore, unlike Reuben Abati’s unscientific “evil spirits or demons” all over the Villa, I am writing here to dispute this evil spirit thesis. Rather, it’s purely the use of advanced scientific technologies by the CIA to fully create the psychiatric disorders in Nigerian leaders who, representing the gateway to Africa and its vast resources, have since become perpetually the stumbling block to easy and free access to, and control of, these resources.

Isn’t Abati’s evil spirit thesis more believable than my electromagnetic fences thesis? Of course, unless you understand how far advanced scientific research has travelled, it would be inconceivable to agree with me, when Abati’s is what we were brought up hearing and believing. In fact, the majority of Nigerians no doubt would vote for Mr Abati rather than me.

But before casting your vote, please hear this story of a man who failed to join today’s technological train you and I are travelling on. There is this senator friend of mine who told me two years ago how she used her CCTV camera to watch over her house whenever she was out of Abuja.

But one day, the same two years ago, while in London she saw her cook sitting down in her sitting room watching a football match on her television with two bottles of beer and some pieces of fried beef. She immediately called him and asked him where he was. And responding he said, “Ma, I’m in the boys’ quarters.”

But the senator quickly countered that by telling him that he was sitting down in her sitting room and on the very chair meant for her and that upon that he was drinking some beer and eating some fried meat, while watching the football match.

The guy immediately dropped the phone shouting “My madam is a witch! My madam is a witch!” while running away from the house, leaving all his personal belongings. Because the cook never heard of CCTV camera, it was understandable why he believed that the only way his madam could be in London and at the same time see him in her house was if she was a witch.

Enwegbara, a development economist, writes from Abuja


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