Making a Case for the Elderly

SEPT. 27–28, 2016 — Who really cares for the elderly? Grand Parents Institute (GPI), founded by America-trained geriatric doctor, Dr Osa Osayande Uhumuavbi, will take Africans to task with an answer.

“Stop Elder Abuse, Stop Corruption” is the theme of GPI’s town-hall meeting scheduled to take place at Ebelle Town Hall, Igueben LGA of Edo State, Nigeria, from September 27.

On the cover of one of his published pamphlets, Dr Osayande Uhumuavbi proclaims: “The elderly in Africa with one foot in the grave and the other weakly in search of placement on Planet Earth, they’re neither here nor there but simply on the precipice — another species of the wretched on earth.”

Dr Uhumuavbi has an ambition to start a hospital for the elderly (a geriatric hospital) in Nigeria. Grand Parents Institute’s mission statement:

*Serve as the starting point for our national change mantra based on first come, first served policy

*Serve as the nation’s first institution on which other institutions can draw inspiration and depend based on ‘As seniors go so the others will follow’

*Provide the big picture and template for a true national agenda

*Do justice to a sector that will not go on strike or disturb the peace of the nation, no matter what, so that others will know it does not pay to be violent.

*The respectable, choicest and noblest way to check corruption: The best way to start is to include the excluded in the society

*A simple way to create over 500, 000 jobs around the country in the shortest possible time

*Get the best out of our senior citizens as the true custodians of our cultural heritage

*Create a base for a true social security programme of the future in the country

*Improve the longevity of our citizenry, now one of the lowest in the world

*Procure a quantum leap to the quality of life lived by our seniors

Brig-General (Ven.) R.A Uhumuavbi (retd) (Dr Uhumuavbi’s father), Dr Eromosele Idahosa and Dr Uhumuavbi are co-founders of the GPI.

Contact details: +2348065683004 , [email protected] , [email protected]



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