You received this SMS on your phone this Wednesday: “Take our free writing course on April 1, 4 and 5. The free part will be in the newsletter you will get at 8am each day. Eyeway Nigeria”

The first of our courses is ELWC 500 – Introduction to Good Writing. Broken into three parts – ELWC 500 (I), ELWC 500 (II) and ELWC 500 (III) – it could well be labelled Introduction to Good Communication. You will receive the parts tomorrow (Friday), next Monday and Tuesday. They are the three papers every subscriber to e-Learn Writing Course will get for free. The real meal will follow afterwards.

ELWC 500 (I) is entitled “The Devil and a 100-year-old Boy” and begins with a story told by a Kenyan, the writer. Study the way he writes, and don’t forget to do the assignment at the end.

You are on the right way to a writing school. Remember: place-based schools are giving way to web-based schools. Welcome to Eyeway Writing School.



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