Fighting Breaks Out in Kogi State

Fghting has broken out among politicians in parts of Kogi State over the succession of the late Abubakar Audu of the APC. While PDP supporters have clashed with APC supporters at some places, the fight at other parts has been among the APC members supporting different candidates.

As a result of the fights, travelers passing through Kogi State have been stranded, as movement of vehicles has been halted. Security agents have been sighted but they have not been able to quel the fights.

Rumours have it that the APC has settled for Yahaya Bello for Audu’s replacement. Other factions within the party are rooting for Audu’s son Mohammed and Audu’s running mate James Faleke. The PDP says the APC has “crashed out” of the race following the death of its candidate before the election has been concluded.

Ethnicity and religion have inflamed passions in the state.


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