Boko Haram gunmen have shot dead no fewer than 25 people in a part of eastern Nigeria, the BBC reports, quoting local sources on Saturday.

The “eastern Nigeria” reported turned out to be villages in Adamawa State in the north-east.

Readers of the news mentioning “eastern Nigeria” thought it happened in the south-east as a reaction to opposition by mainly south-east indigenes against the relocation of Boko Haram detainees to a prison in Anambra State.

The villages attacked were Kopa, Yaffa and Maikadiri in Adamawa State.

The objective of Boko Haram, of course, is to provoke a civil war in Nigeria. The evil sect has killed about 20, 000 innocent people since 2009. They are neither Muslims nor Christians. President Muhammadu Buhari said they are godless and far away from Islam.


  1. Is this news or opinion? So Boko Haram are no longer Muslims fighting for a caliphate in northern Nigeria? Did the writer also forget that about 912 persons have been killed by Boko Haram right under the nose of Saviour Buhari while he dithers and his propagandists boast that he has performed wonders while cocooned idly in the State House? What would be your consolatory message to the families of the victims- that America would soon resurrect those dead? Oh, Buhari’s clock started ticking away since 12.00pm on May 29, 2015. May be Jonathan took away with him the magic keys to the box of wisdom in Aso Rock!


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