The Nigeria Army has stated that APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari obtained the WASC in 1961 with credits in English language, geography, history, health science, Hausa and a pass in English literature.
The director of army public relations, Brigadier General Olajide Laleye, at a press briefing on Tuesday, said that records available indicate that Buhari applied to join the military as a Form Six student of the Provincial Secondary School, Katsina, on October 18, 1961. He said that Buhari’s application was duly endorsed by the principal of the school, who also wrote a report on him and recommended him to be suitable for military commission.
“It is a practice in the NA that before candidates are shortlisted for commissioning into the officers’ cadre of the Service, the Selection Board verifies the original copies of credentials that are presented. However, there is no available record to show that this process was followed in the 1960s,” Laleye stated.


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