45 Years After Biafra, Another War Rages

Forty-five years ago, Gen. Philip Effiong, who was Gen. Ojukwu’s deputy in Biafra, surrendered while Ojukwu was away.
Gen. Gowon of the federal side declared there was “no victor, no vanquished”. His government went on to announce the 3Rs — rehabilitation, reconciliation and reconstruction.
Forty-five years later, the 3 Rs are yet to be implemented in Biafra and another civil war of unimaginable proportion is raging in Nigeria.
Most of the main actors in the Nigeria-Biafra war including Ojukwu, Effiong, Adekunle and Murtala are gone. Some soldiers who did not really fight in those days are left behind to cause more trouble.
War is not good. It solves no problems.

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