Controversial Mbu Learns Meaning of ‘Controversy’

Even his name is controversial: Mbu Joseph Mbu. Many easily regard “Joseph” as his first name, but it is not. Reduced to his first and last names only, he is Mbu Mbu; Joseph is his middle name.

The former commissioner of police in Rivers State, who said he “tamed a leopard” (Governor Rotimi Amaechi), apparently with the support of a woman in the Presidency, is now an assistant inspector-general of police in charge of Zone 7, Abuja.

On Thursday, Oct. 2, Mbu stirred another controversy with the word “controversial”. He ordered the invitation and arrest of AIT/RayPower journalist Mr Amaechi Anakwue. After detaining him for eight hours, the police then prepared a charge against Anakwue: he allegedly defamed Mbu by referring to him as “controversial” during a radio programme.

Anakwue was taken to a magistrate court in Wuse, Abuja. But the controversial Mbu, under attack from the press for toying with Anakwue’s freedom, promptly withdrew his suit.

In court, Mbu would have educated the world on the meaning of the English word “controversial”.

Did Anakwue say defamatory things about him? Perhaps there is more to this “controversial” business than meets the eye. Otherwise, Mbu is hereby found guilty of indulging in controversies. LANGUAGE POLICE sentences him to 10 years in jail for attempting to distort the English vocabulary.

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