Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, an octogenarian, has enrolled to study for a Master’s degree and a PhD programme at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). Toward the end of his tenure in 2007, he had sought – and received – a diploma in Theology from NOUN.
LANGUAGE POLICE finds Obasanjo guilty of insulting the academia and academics. He should be arrested immediately.


  1. At least OBJ continues to pretend to seek knowledge knowing his lack of appropriate education has been the cause of his failures as a leader for which Nigeria has paid dearly. May be as he journeys into academia he will discover the difference between disciplined intellectualism and his Agbero Open Eye complex.
    Anyway, Obasanjo is even better than The other one, Buhari, who has never sought any form of self improvement yet believes he is suited to govern a civilized modern state like Nigeria. No one is to old or too big to learn new ideas. Buhari should take a cue from Gowon and OBJ and even Orji Kalu.

  2. It’s ok. OBJ has every right to self improvement, especially if it has to do with academics. After all no one should feel too important, too big or too old tovgo back to school. Besides it is the most positive way to tackle the vagaries of age


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