Tambuwal to Jump or Be Pushed

Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives Hon. Aminu Tambuwal will soon declare his decision to dump the PDP and join the opposition APC. For almost two years, he has been hobnobbing with the APC while also dining with his party PDP. The governor of his home state Sokoto has since joined the APC. Tambuwal owes his election as speaker to members of the APC, which was formed early 2013 after the amalgamation of four opposition parties.

Even as he decides, the ruling party has set machinery in motion for Tambuwal’s impeachment as speaker. Secret meetings are being held in this regard, but Tambuwal is aware of the moves. He will jump or be pushed. His next move is not yet clear, though it was once rumoured he would run for president. He may still opt for the House of Reps.

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