Scammers Attribute ‘Trash’ to Soyinka

Some scammers working for the PDP on Facebook and other social media have put words into Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka’s mouth. They quoted the social critic as saying that he opposed APC flag-bearer Muhammadu Buhari because “we can’t go back to our vomit”.

That misquote triggered a search on Facebook. A friend of Eyeway wondered: “When did the Nobel laureate realize this? We did not ‘go back to our vomit’ when Gen. Obasanjo was ‘begged’ to run in 1999. This ‘vomit’ called Obasanjo has gone ahead to destroy the country by imposing a dying Yar’adua and an incompetent Jonathan on us. It’s about time someone told Kongi the truth, that is, if senile dementia has not set in already.”

Contributions that followed that post have since indicated that Soyinka never uttered such trash. Said Mr Emeka Oparah, “Soyinka couldn’t have said such trash after describing the president’s era as similar to Nebuchadnezzar’s.”

Mr Oni-Olusola Gbenga  said: “WS could not have made that statement. Read it again. That is not WS’s register. That is certainly not his language and writing style. And if WS wants to make such a statement, he is most likely going to do so via a press conference or at least ensure that the statement is delivered to all media houses.

“I saw the purported statement too on fb and I dismissed it offhand. There are some clowns operating on fb in the service of the ‘re-elect Jonathan project’ who are so scurrilous as to make you wonder how much they are being paid to so debase themselves. Scoundrels — They are just out to muddle the water.”

Prof. Soyinka is expected to disown the scammers soon.


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